By MahaJyoti Glassman

The Neuroscientific Benefits of Asana Practice is the next program to be launched from our AMAYE (Ananda Marga Association of Yoga Educators) Yoga Workshop Series. It will air live at Noon EST or 5pm UTC on December 8th with a 90 presentation by Kristine Kaoverii Weber of Subtle Yoga, including asana practice and Q&A.

Kaoverii has been studying yoga since 1989, teaching for 28 years, and training teachers for 20 years. She has authored numerous articles and a book, Healing Self Massage. She has done extensive work in the integration of yoga into the health care system. Her presentation may also be viewed after that date on our website

AMAYE is also developing an updated comprehensive Ananda Marga Asana Guide Manual and our newsletter, AMAYE Voices, is being prepared for publication. Past issues are available on the website. To learn more about what is happening with AMAYE and to stay tuned for future activities, join today!