New Gurukula Network Feature – Student Work

Student Work Progressive School of Long Island, USA

The following student work is from the Progressive School of Long Island in the USA. The Founder and Director is Eric Jacobson. The school has been in operation for 40 years and spans grades Kindergarten through Middle School.

The following poem was written by 5th graders who worked together during poetry class.The School We All Love

PSOLI, I love you very much,
You have given me the perfect touch,
You have taught me all about the Earth,
And the fiery souls that brightened its hearth.

And all the useful things we’ve learned–
Like the fire of friendship, forever to burn,
The teachers here are really great,
I think that we should celebrate,
About the learning experience that you create,
Here we have nothing to hate,
Like learning all about mass,
During our wonderful science class!

Elise Gjezo & Christena Neilly (5th grade)

Children combining Art
and Social Studies built
their own Ziggur (below)
while studying ancient
civilizations in class (not
part of NY curriculum!)
Pictured to the left is the
view inside the Ziggarat
through the roof.
You will be found
Only in darkness can you see the stars
Students combine Art and Philosophy to create message pieces.

Middle Schoolers combine Art, Drama, and Science to create a huge drawing of the human heart, and then dressed as red blood cells, practice travelling through it.

Student Work Lotus Center in Ghana and Chitmu School in India

child with large paper flower
child with large paper flower
Using the art of paper folding, children at the Lotus Children Center made flowers to celebrate the end of the year term
Learning English alphabet with illustrations, Chitmu School