Neohumanist College of Asheville Update

We are delighted to celebrate that the Neohumanist College of Asheville (NHCA) has just crossed the threshold into its second year of operations offering online courses to the public. Our social media presence has also expanded to include Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, in addition to our website at Want to be on our mailing list? Email us at . Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel to help us expand our capacity to popularize Neohumanism across the planet!

This year we are welcoming many new faculty members who will be instructors for courses offered in 2023 at NHCA.

In our Yoga and Intuitional Sciences Department, Roar Bjonnes (Ramesh) of the U.S.A. will be offering a History of Yoga course in 2023 that touches on the philosophy and psychology of yoga. In our Humanities and Arts Department, Rutger Tamminga (Rudramohan) of Taiwan will be offering a 10 week course on Storytelling – Values of Peace with a special emphasis on creating Storytelling Schools.

Dr. Marco Oliveria (Mahaviir) of Brazil will lead a course on Neohumanism in Art, Culture and Literature inviting students to experience a variety of artistic, literary, and cultural traditions from around the world. Jesús Via of Peru will facilitate an engaging and thought provoking socratic style Critical Thinking course for Neohumanist. Andy Douglas (Alok) will offer an inspiring eight week Writing Our Spiritual Lives course that invites students to step outside the ordinary into deep mystery, or simply find the sacred in the everyday.

In our Transformative Social Sciences Department, Satya Tanner and Halangescu Iulia Dumitrita (Diipani) will partner to offer the next course in our Leadership Development program, Leadership for Social Change – Teams, that aims to prepare leaders who will serve as examples of Neohumanist ideals and dedicate themselves to materializing these ideals in society.

Finally, in our Neohumanist Education Department, we are planning for a new cohort for 2023-2025 for the Neohumanist Teacher Preparation Program. NHCA is an AMGK Affiliated Institution of Higher Education and this program earns a Certificate in Neohumanist Education issued by AMGK. To express your interest, email the AMGK Global Liaison office at . Applications for the September starting program will be sent out in early 2023.

NHCA Inaugural Open House and House Warming
Members of the Asheville area community attended an Inaugural Open House for the Neohumanist College of Asheville on August 15th. Dada Shambhuahivananda was the special guest.

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