PRSI Report

Documentary Film Project Update:
The Path of Awakening and Benevolence

PRSI – P. R. Sarkar Institute – is producing a new film. This documentary film project plans to bring Shrii P. R. Sarkar’s spiritual and service mission to the attention of a worldwide audience on popular streaming platforms that feature spiritual and activists’ documentaries.

Filming was completed in the US in May-July and continued in July in Europe with the annual Prout Convention at Ananda Gaorii in Denmark. Good footage of the MU agriculture with youth involvement, in depth interviews and presentations at the convention were the highlights.
In August the film crew flew to Romania where they joined an AMURTEL team of psychologists that was offering trauma relief for victims of the war in Ukraine. A close relationship was developed by this team and film crew as they worked to obtain very dramatic footage of trauma therapy in war torn areas of Ukraine. This trauma team and film crew were awakened at 4:30 AM one morning by a missile that hit several hundred yards from their hotel in Kharkiv. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the incident afforded an opportunity to film the aftermath of destruction and counseling offered to traumatized citizens. After filming in Ukraine, ample footage was obtained of the Children’s Home in Romania, including an interview with Didi Ananda Devapriya.

The film crew traveled in October to Ananda Nagar in India. Filming began at Abha Seva Sadan Multitherapy Clinic near Bokhara Steel City where Dada Devashuddhananda shepherds a healing clinic for many children with cerebral palsy and villagers of all ages, featuring physical therapy, acupuncture and herbal medicine. The High School under the direction of Didi Ananda Tapashiila at Uma Nivas afforded exciting footage of the high school girls working in the village, planting trees and performing their native and classical Indian dances. The film captured the beautifully constructed and decorated new Women’s Teachers Training College at Uma Nivas. Under the direction of Didi Ananda Vratiisha, the college offers young women a practical and quality education in the fields of education, technology and the arts. In addition, Dada Dharmavedananda’s wellness training workshop was filmed with an international group of students at Yaogika Cikitsa Kendram, a holistic wellness center at Ananda Nagar.

The film crew, which is going to Bali for the month of November, wishes to express its appreciation for the support of all the people at various locations, their assistance with developing film themes, their direct participation, lodging, food, travel and logistics. A special thanks also to Wayland Secrest, our creative and efficient travel agent.

Please notify regarding any Ananda Marga environmental enhancement projects like reforestation or animal species preservation.

Those wishing to support the film through donations can contact Ac. Vishvamitra at +1 828 712 1225 or make out donations to P. R. Sarkar Institute mailed to Neohumanist College of Asheville, 160 Wellness Way, Marshall, NC 28753.

A Proposal for a World Constitution Based on the Works of Shrii P. R. Sarkar

PRSI is collaborating with the Prout Research Institute of Asheville (PRI) and Craig Runde to publish a proposed world constitution based on P.R. Sarkar’s writings. The final draft of the proposed constitution is now scheduled for completion in November, 2022 and will be released in 2023.

It will include an introduction, a preamble, an article on the purpose of the constitution, a bill of rights, articles on the responsibilities of the world government as well as its structure and function, a provision for amendments, and a discussion of how to implement it. The book is heavily footnoted to provide links to Shrii Sarkar’s books where specific issues are discussed.

Once the book is released PRSI and PRI will continue to promote research, publishing, seminars, and training on this important aspect of Shrii Sarkar’s philosophy.