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Ánanda Márga International Academy

Infiniti Yoga Teacher Training offered February and March 2023.
Offered By Dada Premamayananda and Chin Leng.

Infiniti Yoga is a comprehensive practice that aims to nourish the body, mind, and soul. Developed by experienced yoga and meditation Teacher Dada Premamayananda. Infiniti Yoga combines physical movements with mindfulness and meditation practices.

One of the unique features of Infiniti Yoga is its focus on coordination of the body, which can be challenging but beneficial for overall brain function. Infiniti Yoga has also been found to improve concentration and mental well-being by aligning mind and body through mindful movement and meditation.

Carine, who took part in the Infiniti Yoga teacher training course, shared her experience, stating that the course inspired her to use her non-dominant side more effectively and improve her left-brain function. She also noted the improvement in her concentration and alignment of mind and body during practice. Carine praised the flexible teaching approach and supportive environment, which made each practice a fun experience.

Remy Naakka also found the Infinite Yoga Teacher Training Course to be a unique and valuable experience. She noted the course’s informative nature, challenging yet achievable ásanas, and improvement in flexibility, balance, and overall mental well-being since practicing Infiniti Yoga.

Mullaiselvi provided a concise yet impactful testimonial, describing Infiniti Yoga as a “super yoga” that nourishes the body, mind, and soul through fluidity, flexibility, and introspection.

Overall, Infiniti Yoga offers a holistic approach to yoga that promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Its focus on coordination and alignment of the mind and body, along with its mindful and meditative practices, can provide a unique and valuable experience for practitioners of all levels.

Seneviratne Malani

When I was told about Infiniti yoga, I was immediately interested and agreed to sign up for the trainer course. I’ve always been interested in the Physiology and Biology of our anatomy, so the possibilities of Infiniti Yoga appealed to me. With a fast-aging society and family and friends heading in that direction, I saw the potential of bringing this form of exercise to them. When our teacher started demonstrating and teaching us the thinking and science behind each movement, my mind was already targeting groups of friends and relatives I could help. Mobility and deterioration of brain function could be addressed through the slow and deliberate exercises all done while walking. It seems relatively simple to just walk and stretch but each movement has been deliberately included systematically to target the Head, then the Upper body and finally the Lower body. Walking in different directions and different ways, (such as crossing left over right, or right over left, sideways, etc.), along the invisible Infiniti sign requires concentration and the use of the left and right brain thus addressing a fundamental need to keep our brain young and supple. Initially I joined the classes for self-improvement and preservation, but I have since realized the potential and the power of Infiniti yoga and cannot wait to bring it to whoever is interested or needs it. Part of the appeal is that it is easy to do, is deceptively simple but with complex benefits which include restorative and healing prospects. I would recommend Infiniti for anybody and everybody who wants to grow old gracefully and continue living independently.

Gabriel Boey

“Try, do, practice and you’ll see the benefits” a design exercises which is easy to do, easy to learn gaining maximum benefit for your body. Infiniti yoga has indeed brought unknowing benefits to not only to the body but mind and soul as well. Thank you for all the inspiration and sharing Dada.


The Infinity Yoga course really gave me a new insight on Yoga. Thanks to Dada Prema’s class, he taught me that through the infinity Yoga, how we are actually doing the various asanas that are imbedded into each step of the Infinity Yoga. The body, mind and soul benefits are truly remarkable. So grateful for the opportunity to have learnt and experience this. Thank you.