Neohumanist Education Teacher Preparation Program

NHE-TP Program Graduates June, 2023

Avtk. Ananda Madhupurna Ac.

Andjela Vekic

Avtk. Ananda Krpa Ac.

Ac. Lalita Ly Hoang

Damini Dalilia Lucas

Krsnaprema Christy Shraver

Jiivanmukta Jao Domingos

Avtk. Ananda Anuraga

Avtk. Ananda Tapatii Ac.

Avtk. Ananda Citrarekha

Avtk. Ananda Tapomaya Ac.

After a successful and exciting two years, the NHE Teacher Preparation Program, offered by Ananda Marga Gurukula through the Neohumanist College of Asheville, is graduating its first cohort. The graduation date is set for June 17th. For the final class, students reflected on what they learned in the two-year program by designing individual Capstone Projects. Students based their projects on what they were most passionate about, including creating curricula to teach favorite subject matters, offering educational support for the well-being of refugee mothers and their children, founding specialized programs such as Forest Schools and yoga training for different age groups, and designing workshops for other teachers in order to share what they have learned in the Program. More details of their capstone projects will appear in the next issue of Gurukula Network.

The College has received an enthusiastic outpouring from teachers interested in becoming certified in Neohumanist Education. Over 3 dozen inquiries about the program have been submitted. Some students have already applied for the program. The maximum number of applications to be accepted will be approximately thirty.

Applications for the Next Cohort are being accepted now

For teachers interested in becoming Neohumanist educators, now is the time to apply to join the next cohort of students. Please apply via this link. Limited scholarships are available for those in need.
Deadline for application submissions is August 25th.

Classes begin in early September 2023.
For more details about the program, please visit our website via this link. Or write to: .

“I have been waiting for a program like this for a long time. When you have deep passion and fire inside to realize neohumanist philosophy into a real project, but all the resources you have been exposed to are books, reading materials and Gurukul website, it’s not enough. Once I joined the program, everything burst out. The philosophy is not lofty and sublime anymore, it has become very practical and within reach. The professors in the program will help you link neohumanist philosophy with other common humanist and holistic philosophies so you can be “down-to-earth” inwork with people in your community on a daily basis. The Neohumanist Teacher Training Program does not teach you rigid steps to teach children, they will make you realize that teaching is actually an art and it’s up to you how to bring out the best in a child. It’s a very beautiful program.” – Student, NHE-TP Program