Student Work

Vistara Primary School, Lismore Australia

Vistara Primary School students created a gratitude banner to thank all the volunteers who came to help their families, their community and their school during the Lismore Floods of 2022

Fluffy Kookaburra by Minowa Yr 6

Fluffy Kookaburra by Jordi Yr 5

As the birds fly
I cannot deny
I respect life
for how I strive in the world

because against payment of gold
no respect can be sold.

Respect can be shown
by doing small things
we can all appreciate
the comfort it brings.

Giving it is something
only you can decide
what gets in the way
is something called pride.

People forget
that others have feelings
being rude and insensitive
in their own dealings.

Choosing gossip over communication
hurting others with their fabrication.

The bullying that we see in some schools
in adulthood
it makes us look like fools.

This is not the way things should be
instead we can opt for courtesy.

Our differences need not lead to yelling
the way we handle ourselves is quite telling.

Do we have what it takes to put others first?
Or are we just going to quench our own thirst.

A thirst for having things our own way
can prevent making someone else’s day.

Because if you don’t respect yourself
how are you going to respect others
this is something we should have all learned from our mothers.

We should always respect people young and old
brother and sister
mother or father
friends or family.
Respect is the thing we should all appreciate
and share it around the world.

The  End.👏

Ariel Yr 4 – Vistara Primary School