Community Treasures” – Community Storybook

Participants share the special places, stories and people of their community through the creation of a book, using family literacy, art, and photography.

In the first stage, families discuss the important places, objects and people in their community. They may choose a special tree under which they often have a picnic, a neighbor whose house is inviting and creative, a local church, business, community center or park; or a local “hang-out” where students

skateboard, share music and talk about their day. They may have special friends in the neighborhood or a grandparent who welcomes everyone into their home to eat the best home-baked cookies.

Together the family takes photos and writes stories about these special places. The community then comes together to create a book representing all the special people, objects and places in the community.

This exercise becomes s superb way to develop family literacy, to survey and understand the community better, to build teamwork and a sense of community spirit, and as a tool for students in school and their families to reflect upon the community in order to plan special events, outings and projects that build upon the treasures uncovered.