The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea

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By Shrii P. R. Sarkar

An exemplary classical fairytale for Neohumanist Schools
– reviewed by Didi Anandarama
The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea, by Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, is a masterpiece of responsible modern children’s literature. In every sentence of this fairy tale there is a wonderful attractive power – a crystalline simplicity and an open-heartedness. Through the storyline the author conveys to the child how life should be lived with purity and straightforwardness.

The Golden Lotus of the Blue Sea
 sets a refreshingly new standard in children’s literature, conveying the essence of
Neohumanist philosophy which Shrii P.R. Sarkar defined in short as ‘the practice of love for all created beings.’
The fairy tale is child-focused from start to finish. The story itself starts with the children’s keen sensitivity to nature alerting them that something was not right. The wise king has the ability to listen and respond to the children’s grievances with decisive steps and thus the children are empowered and given due respect. Throughout the story the human children, along with the animal children, remain loyal to the noble hero.The role of simple poor people is given prominence by attributing magical powers to them that are used in the service of a good cause. The story introduces the real world of exploitative rulers and the peoples’ uprising in response, all the time maintaining the charm and fascination of the fairy tale.
“The child’s mind is filled with fanciful imagery, and so the litterateurs will also have to soar in the sky of imagination with outstretched wings. However, they cannot afford to give indulgence to intricacies and complexities in this visionary ascent. The thirst for the distant, and the earnest zeal to know the unknown that abides in the child’s mind must be fulfilled by drawing pictures of magical lands and relating colourful fairy tales. “Real” or “natural” is not so important here. What is more important is to carry the child’s mind along in the current of joy, and in the process to acquaint the child with the world in an easy and simple manner.”
Shrii P.R. Sarkar
The female role in the story is portrayed by the fairy who is magical, virtuous, innocent and spiritual in her unique lifestyle in her own realm. Her lapse is mended with the help of the hero and without guilt she asserts her inner strength and thus becomes part of the happy ending of the story.
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