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NHE Forum 
NHE Forum is an on-line discussion group for those interested in or working in NHE schools and projects. To join, please write to<amgk.glogurukul.edu>

NHE Resources 
NHE Resources is a set of web-based resources for those working in NHE schools. It contains articles, information and classroom aides. If you would like to access these pages, please visit<www.nhe.gurukul.edu/resources.htm>, and sign up for a login name and password.

Distance Learning Programmes 
The two distance learning programmes are available for NHE teachers. For more details see the description of Distance Learning Programmes at: <www.gurukul.edu/

Standards Available
Ananda Marga Gurukula Standards for kindergarten and primary schools are available. You may write to <amgk.glogurukul.edu> for a copy or you may download a copy directly from NHE Resources.

Volunteers for Your Project 
Ananda Marga Gurukula offers a service to bring volunteers in contact with NHE schools and community projects, that are highlighted on the AMGK website. More info at the Gurukula website: www.gurukul.edu under the tab <helping us>.

! New Projects In Process !

NHE Resources 
NHE Resources now has a new home with an updated design and search function. Many thanks go to Umesh from Poland for his hard work setting this site up! Thanks also to Didi Aradhana for the graphics. As soon as all the material is transferred from the current NHE Resources site, details for login will be announced on NHE Forum. You are welcome to start sending all your digital materials and articles for posting into the new database to:<aratigurukul.edu>. Helpers are also welcome for maintaining the database.

YES Manuals 
A revised version of the Early Childhood YES Manual is in the works featuring detailed lesson unit plans, for each of the 10 moral principles of Yama and Niyama, based on stories, and including yoga, meditation and other activities. Didi Anandarama is continuing to compile material for the YES manual for 6 to 10 year olds. She welcomes any thoughts, suggestions, approaches, songs, stories, art, drama, philosophy discussions, activities, etc. related to teaching Astaunga Yoga.

New Book – Service Communities
Documentation on Master Units Around the World. This A4 book will be documentation in text and colour photos highlighting the concepts of Master Units. Please see articlein this issue.

Spiritual Stories for Children
Didi Anandarama is preparing a colourful book of spiritual stories for children and is collecting material. If anyone has any suitable direct experience stories please send to her. <anandaramagurukul.edu>


Building Neohumanist Futures
July 12-25, 2008An International Conference
Hosted by CNS Sweden – Ydrefors, Sweden
special price for all three events 250 Euros


Neohumanist Educational Responses to the Challenges of the Current World Crisis July 12-14 (arrival 11th departure 15th)


How can educational systems and institutions respond to the challenges posed by the current rapidly developing global environmental, economic and social crises and the related psychological fallout?
Program Coordinators – Sid Jordan and Marcus Bussey
Program – This event will feature presentations, audience participation, open space networking, meditation and yoga, blending intellectual, practical and contemplative space to foster innovative and creative educational approaches to the pressing issues of our global community.

Papers – Attendees are invited to prepare and submit a position paper. 12 will be selected for presentation. All papers submitted will go into published proceedings of the meeting. Papers should focus on one of the three categories of crises – Environmental, Socio-Economic or Psychological – and include an educational response/solution. Please submit to: .
Fee – 100 Euros (includes room, board and conference fee) 
For further information visit https://www.gurukul.edu/conf2008/invitation.htm

Neohumanist University
July 16-18 (arrival 15th departure 19th)
This will be a time for all interested in Neohumanist University to make a move towards activating different faculties of AMGK. Already, some work is being done by the faculty of Neohumanist Education and the faculty of Yoga and Intuitional Science. It is an opportune time now to consolidate these and
other faculties. Those involved with Centers for Neohumanist Studies (CNS), Ananda Marga Association of Yoga Educators (AMAYE) and interested educators from within and without Ananda Marga are invited to help develop a vision and planning for a Neohumanist University. People with interest in any field may come and link up in open space format to start creating departments. Sample areas: NHE University, distance learning university, psychology department, education department, women’s studies department, astrophysics department, economics department, various health care departments, microvita department etc.
Program Coordinators – Sid Jordan, Avtk. Anandarama Ac., Arete Brim
Fee – 50 Euros (includes room, board and conference fee)
For further information visit https://www.gurukul.edu/conf2008/invitation.htm


Yoga Educators Conference
July 20-25 (arrival 19th departure 26th)


Individuals interested in expanding their knowledge and teaching yoga and the intuitional sciences are encouraged to attend this educational event. A certificate of attendance will be provided by AMGK to all attendees.
Program Coordinators – Ac. Vishvarupananda Avt. and Ac. Shankarsananda Avt.
Fee – 150 Euros (includes room, board and conference fee)
For further information visit www.amaye.org or contact Dada Vishvarupananda <petersage101earthlink.net>