Zonnelicht Daycare Center Den Bosch, The Netherlands

By Yatindra

The Zonnelicht Daycare Center in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, has been growing steadily in the past years. It became more and more necessary to expand the building. For half a year now bricklayers, electricians, painters, drillers, plumbers and other noisy, dusty, helpful people have been around to build a two-floor extension to the old building, in many ways assisted by director Yaduranii and her husband Vidyananda. Yaduranii also manages to ensure that the children of Zonnelicht can play and

even sleep in peace, in spite of towering cranes and huge, mudcovered drilling machines only meters away from the windows.In the new building there will be much-needed extra space for an office, for team meetings, for the growing BSO and a baby group, and – a deep wish of Yaduranii’s – a Neohumanist room where teachers, Dutch colleagues and international guests can access the great amount of valuable Neohumanist notes, articles and manuals that she made and collected in the past twenty years. A separate little building is a beautiful Plants and Animals Room, Yaduranii’s other long-held wish. The new building will be opened in May.In the near future the new building is planned to house a kindergarten as well. This will be very good because in the Netherlands kindergartens have been made a part of primary schools a few decades ago and in that way the moral and intuitive development of the preschooler was left unattended. Research has shown that the level of development of the preschoolers went down since the government made this change. Rather than joining the preschool child and the primary school child, Zonnelicht wants to join the preschooler and the daycare child.

Fundraising Concert

On April 19th, a concert, dance performance and auction were held by Zonnelicht. This was to give more than forty Zonnelicht children the chance to express themselves and show what they had learned in their lessons dance, piano and African drum, and also

  to raise money for a children’s home in India. This home was founded by the Dutch organizationColourful Children. After the 3 to 9 year olds had danced and
made music, three professional Indian musicians gave a
concert. The morning ended with an auction of works of art made by children, their parents and others. This way nearly $1000,- was raised. Later this year even more will be sent to the Indian children’s home, to buy a new bus before the present one collapses from very old age.
The fundraiser was made possible thanks to many staff, parents and children who volunteered to help organize it.

Teacher Training

How to Bring about Goodness in Children

A teacher’s training programme was held on February 8thand 9th on the theme of “How to Bring about Goodness in Children”. The Programme included: Astaunga Yoga, Using Colors for Calmness, Yama and Niyama Storytelling, Creative Discipline, Art for Service and more.