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School of Prabhata Samgiita Competition

Prabhata Samgiita Competition 01

Shrii P. R. Sarkar the founder of Gurukula has composed over 5000 songs collectively called Pragahta Samgiita. These songs have become a new school of Music in India. In Kolkata a yearly event of competition in vocal, dance and art on Prabhata Samgiita are held at the Ananda Marga Tiljala campus.

Music competitions are very popular and in the course of the past years the School of Prabhata Samgiita has acquired a high status. This year even Calcutta University has included Prabhat Samgiita into their competition for their college students, besides other Music Schools such as Rabindranath Tagor Samgiita.

In over 50 Ananda Marga Schools and Centres preliminary contests were held and the finalists got the chance to travel to Kolkata. This year they gathered on the exact anniversary of the first song, Prabhata Samgiita Day, which is September 14 for the finalists’ competitions. Besides the vocal, dance and art in four age groups there were also contests in choir and group dances as well.


Prabhata Samgiita Competition 02

This year there were 661 candidates as competitors. Dance competition was held in Dhyan Mandir and six other rooms in the main building. The art competition was also held at the main campus. Song competition was held at the nearby WWD School and Dhyan Mandir.

It was a hectic day with some 200 staff of volunteers working and accommodating all the 1850 participating children including their guardians at the premises. The Tiljala campus was humming with intense activity.

The finalists and all participants had a wonderful time of music, dance and art.
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The lyrics of song number 13:

I have only laughed, I have only danced,
I have only sung,
I have fallen in love with the moonlight
Whatever I have seen, heard or attained
I have embedded them all
In the jewel-case of my mind.
If they are lost in a cruel tempest
I have left a message with Him,
In whom everything is lost.
Where there is no light, there is no life
Today I have attained the Lord of Light.