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Bio-Psychology Research

picture03picture01Workshops were presented at the Boston Region and Atlanta Region fall retreats on Kun’d’alinii Experiences and Their Significance. Dr. Richard Maxwell presented some of the initial results from the 2007 meditation survey. He compared responses by members of Ananda Marga with responses to surveys that had been administered by other researchers to a Christian Pentacostal congregation that had experiences with the “Holy Spirit.” Strong similarities were noted between these quite diverse populations. This was seen as a confirmation of the central role of the kun’d’alinii in spiritual experiences. Statistical analysis of the 2007 surveys is nearing completion (with the gracious assistance of Jiivadan from Asheville), following which the information will be prepared for publication.

picture02In addition, a new survey was administered at both retreats and will be administered elsewhere. The new survey has been designed to be appropriate not just for an Ananda Marga population, but for any individual doing a regular meditation or prayer practice. It is hoped that a version of this new survey will be available online to access a larger population.

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PROUT College offers course in NHE

A new on line NHE Course entitled Education for Liberation is being offered by PROUT College by Marcus Bussey. Students are enjoying a lively exchange of ideas utilizing a web based interactive interface.

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From one of the students:

“I see the relationship of Neohumanism and Prout as being inter-dependent. They are both independent of each other, but with the joining of Prout and Neohumanism they become a greater force for change. Neohumanism offers the essence within Prout and Prout helps with the physical manifestation of Neohumanism . Neohumanism will give impetus and energy to PROUT to remove all disparities and artificial barriers. PROUT will get spirit and stamina from Neohumanism from Neohumanistic inspiration, Neohumanistic ideology and Neohumanistic thoughtfulness. The translation of Neo-humanist ideas into practical life is the duty of PROUT.”