Kahira Sector

Centru Tbexbix, Malta

Centru Tbexbix

As school started on the 22 Sept, so did the programmes at Centru Tbexbix. With a new full schedule of Sunrise English Club sessions, Creative Classes and Play (games, drama, sports) as well as athletics for the five different age groups we are very happy to welcome our new volunteers who joined our team recently. At present 45 children have registered, and some more are surely to join over the next few weeks as they settle back into school life after the summer holidays.

Yoga has become a regular part of the Sunrise English Club as the first 30 minutes of the sessions are dedicated to relax their minds and direct their energies in a constructive way.

In the weeks between the Summer Club and the new school year, the volunteers at Centru Tbexbix prepared the place and themselves for the upcoming programmes. Six training sessions were held, focussing on various aspects of NHE, like Values & Morality, the importance of creativity in education, communication and discipline vs. punishment. One session was dedicated to the Phonics system which is being introduced in the English language tuition in primary schools, and is proven to be very beneficial to children with special learning requirements.