Neohumanist Education Summit

Accra, West Africa March 21

Dada Pramananda, Convener

The first NHE Summit in West Africa was held in Accra on March 21st. Ten members of Ananda Marga and Acaryas attended the program. Presentations and discussions were held on the basic principles of NHE and the strengths and weaknesses of the current education system. A board was formed and a national coordinator appointed (brother Krsnacaetanya from Tamale). The board will meet again on 2nd May.

Participants and board members included: Dada Shiveshvarananda, Dada Pramananda (convener), Didi Ananda Shanta, Papa Shankar, Jayaliila, Muktilal, Krsnacaetanya, Iishvara (Togo), Shiva and Pamkaj.

We have an established AMSAI school (KG through Junior High) in Ejura, Ghana, a KG and Primary school in Lome, Togo and two small AMJAS KGs in Accra. Didi Ananda Liilamaya manages a highly regarded KG and Primary in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

A good number of members of Ananda Marga in Ghana and neighboring countries are or have previously been (now retired) teachers, administrators and school inspectors. Few of them however are aware of the significant work done by Gurukula and the global NHE network. None are trained in the materials and methodologies that have recently been developed throughout the world (some are familiar with the Circle of Love).

The summit was convened to begin the process of:

  • a) training members of Ananda Marga and Acaryas in the abundant wealth of NHE materials and methodologies,
  • b) assisting our schools to implement NHE in practice
  • c) establishing a local structure to ensure this work is taken up and continues

Ac. Pramananda Avt.




NHE Seminar

May 22 – May 31


In the picturesque city of Malinska on the island Krk in Croatia, we are organizing our first family education holiday retreat. Children, parents, teachers and educators are all invited to share their experiences and deepen their understanding of the richness of the Neohumanist approach to parenting and teaching.

What is Education in The Light of Neohumanism?

Enlargement of Mind


Universal Outlook
Active Habits
Ideation of the Great
Omniscient Grace
Nice Temperament


Each day one of the letters will be explored in detail and then summarized on the last day to form a complete picture. Topics will be accompanied with practical workshops. Daily yoga asana classes will be held on the beach. Collective and individual meditation by the sea, chants in the pine forest, stories and games under the starry sky, songs by candle light and guitar. All this and more will provide for a deep cultural and spiritual exchange and simply allow us to enjoy each other’s profound company.

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