News from Ananda Marga Degree College

Ananda Nagar, India

Last year the Ananda Nagar degree college received permission from Vardhaman University to start an honors course in Bengali for 25 students. This has attracted many students from all around Ananda Nagar. Since then there has been constant demand for honors courses in more subjects. Two more rooms have been added to the college for honors courses. History will be offered in the upcoming session, after summer vacation, for 25 students. This is expected to attract more students from far and near. These recent developments have brought lots of enthusiasm and hope among the teachers and people surrounding Ananda Nagar. Needless to say, hundreds of students from many poor families who had no future have graduated from the college over the years and have been placed in various jobs and are earning a good livelihood. Appreciation goes to all those who have contributed to the new construction including the boundary wall around the college which has added to the beauty and security of the college.