Georgetown Sector

San Francisco Village, Brazil –

Update on The Rising Sun Kindergarten

The Rising Sun Kindergarten attends the children of the Francisco Village, a poor community neighbor to our MU Ananda Kiirtana, where around 400 people live in poverty. The high consumption of alcohol is part of the social problems that prevail in this region. Concerned with this socio-economical scenario, AMURT / AMURTEL have been trying to contribute to improve the quality of life in the region since 1990. This was the 1st school to be founded on a Master Unit in Georgetown Sector. In 2002 we achieved, through donations and great efforts, building a new building. Our school currently serves 27 children between 2 and 6 years of age in the morning time. Throughout this region, it is the only school that works with children in this age group.

In the afternoon we are starting a new project working with 20 teenagers who live in San Francisco Village. The program is being very well received. Our school is considered a model throughout the region, and even for schools in the city, thanks to the neohumanist education philosophy, the large space for recreation and games and the cleanliness of our facilities. With the help of some donations and a system of patronage we ensure the minimum necessary to run the school.

The directress Trivenii and the teachers Pavitrii and Parvatii are the ones responsible for the school. This year we celebrated 19 years of existence of our school with a big party attended by over 100 people, among the many current and former students. With Grace we hope to grow more and more in order to serve more children and teenagers, and keep on doing this wonderful work.