Prout College

Learning for Personal and Social Transformation

Graduate Studies in Prout and Neohumanism

Prout College provides online courses in Prout studies. Prout College is run by an academic cooperative. The cooperative includes the members of the academic faculty who are also responsible for designing and teaching all the courses. Prout College is also part of the Prout Institute of Australia Incorporated (PIA).

Questions explored at Prout College

  • Now that the global financial crisis has begun to impact economies around the world, what is the way forward?
  • How can economics become a genuine agent for social transformation?
  • Are there deeper factors underlying the current financial crisis?
  • What are the grand patterns of change that can guide us through the next decades?
  • What is Neohumanism and how can it help us understand the rise of leaders such as the new American president?
  • Can feminist spirituality help us understand how to change dominant archetypes?
  • What is the role of education in personal and social transformation?
  • How can a Neohumanist education empower people to tackle socio-economic injustices?

Enrolment is now open for study in 2009 for the Certificate in Prout Studies. Details of the subjects that make up the certificate course are available on the Prout College website:


  • Introduction to Prout Studies
  • Tantra, Spirituality and Social Change
  • Macrohistory and World Futures
  • Transformative Economics
  • Neohumanism, Policy Making and Contemporary Issues
  • Frontiers of Science
  • Gender, Spirituality and Coordinated Cooperation
  • Education for Liberation

From Futures News Vol 12 April 2008:

“The Certificate in Prout Studies can be studied full¬time or part¬time,” said Sohail Inayatullah. “As always, the person who learns the most from any course is the one who teaches… thus I love the two¬and three¬day foresight workshops I run as in the last session the participants teach. We are doing our best to move from single loop to double loop learning about what is my inner story and what is my character in creating Prout inspired futures. We are also doing a dance between using Prout lenses to look at social reality and then using other theories to look at Prout, all with the intent of knowledge pluralism and transformative action. An inner spiritual dimension is also developing in the course.”

“We can do something about the future; the future is there as a potentiality,” said Marcus Bussey. “Education that generates rather than consumes energy has the potential to return hope and creativity to the human experiment. If we infuse education with spiritual energy drawn from the practices, values and commitments of the great spiritual traditions we produce a system that channels powerful creative forces into the future. Prout with its neohumanist frame of thinking can inspire us to imagine sustainable futures and create interventions that will enable policy making that sustains the economic, environmental, social, personal and collective aspects of our ways of living.”