Teachers Training in India

Acarya Sood conducted a series of teachers’ trainings in the Patna area and as well as in Madhepura in North Bihar which was for five days with 7 hours of daily programme. This programme was attended by 15 teachers, which included seven teachers from the Neohumanist School, two from the school in Madhepura and the six from nearby public schools. Students of the schools were also invited to take part in learning yoga for children as well as rhymes. The students enjoyed the programme and learned quickly.

Some of the teachers were exposed to Neohumanist Education concepts for the first time. The following topics were presented:

  • Introduction to Shrii P.R. Sarkar’s essays on education and art and literature from Human Society Part I and The Opinion.

  • Astaunga Yoga (YES) and how to practice and include it in the daily programme. A plan for bringing changes in the daily class routine to bring As’taunga Yoga practice in the center stage was also presented.
  • The principles of cardinal human values, Yama Niyama, for children in the age groups of 3-5 and 6-11.
  • Educational material developed in Taiwan by R. Taminga was introduced.
  • Introduction of Circle of Love concepts such as PT parade, warm up exercises, yoga for children, meditation ideas with rhymes.
  • Introducing the concepts of ELF, STUVOL and SPROUT
  • NHE concepts of a teacher and teaching methods
  • Gardening for children
  • Learning Music by all students as a part of the curriculum with the support of a newly hired music teacher for that purpose.
  • Drawing, painting, stories and dramatics.
  • Introducing the children to earthen ware pot making, bamboo artifacts by visiting the shops of the artists.
  • Encouragement of English speaking in the school premises and as well the study of Samskrta. Luckily there is a senior staff member who is good in Samskrta and will teach it to the students.

The teacher’s training programmes were very much welcome. It may take some time for the new methods to be adopted but given the enthusiasm and the ability and interest of some senior teachers it should happen soon.