Children’s Artwork

Vistara Primary School, Lismore Australia

“Voices” by Lilli, 11 years old

This art piece helps me to see the importance of ‘otherness’ that needs to be in the world. Things that some people might think are weird can also sometimes help people to see. The picture “Voices” is important and special in its unusual way. I would like people to come and interpret the drawing for themselves.

My message through my art piece is to let your creativity run freely. Don’t let anyone’s opinions stop you and stay true to yourself. I want to inspire people to get out from under the illusion of the world and find their essence within themselves.

“Everything is One” by Nicholas, 9 years old

I would like my art piece to make people feel more connected and happy. When you know that everything is one it makes life more special because you know that you are a part of God.

The stairs in my picture mean that we are climbing to a greater future. The bushes mean that everything is connected. The grass at the top means that we have reached our goal of being kind and happy.

The shapes that I have used in my drawing are some of the shapes that make me feel positive. I chose most of the colours because they are happy and bright. I have used pencil, which I think makes the texture look smooth.

I would like to inspire people to live a happier life and to not put people down because he or she is a part of you.

“Imagination” by Drew, 10 years old

Imagination is important because you need imagination to think and to live. You need imagination for everything. If you don’t have any imagination you don’t really have your own mind, and we would all be the same. If we don’t have imagination, nothing happens; its just really boring and ordinary. When we have imagination it’s fun and exciting. The swirls in my picture mean the beginning of your mind, swirling up form a deep place inside of you. The swirls spin and a flower opens up. The flower means that the top of your mind is opening. The ying and yang symbol in the centre means balance. If you slow down and have patience, things happen. You will have more of what you want, than if you are rushing. If you rush art, it doesn’t work out very well, so slow down and be patient.

Even if you can’t draw a pony or a bird that doesn’t mean you cannot draw; it means that you need practice. I would like people to use their imagination.

“Differences and Similarities” by Julius, 10 years old

“Some people don’t know that everything fits in the universe. This art piece means that everything fits. Things may not be how you want them, but things will work out one way or another. As you can see the two people in the art piece are completely opposite. One is a boy and one is a girl. The two faces join like a jigsaw. This represents that everything fits in life, even thought you may not recognize it that way.