Integral Therapy Centre for Healing, Health and Change

Ydrefors, Sweden

An “Integral Therapy Centre” has been started in a newly purchased house in Ydrefors. The Centre will be offering various treatments for healing, health and change including: acupuncture, shiatsu, ayurveda, homeopathy, biopsychology, meditation, counseling, nutritional guidance, yoga therapy, and spiritual guidance. The following is from their flyer:

“Welcome to Integral-Therapy which was set up to provide support and empower you on your journey of Healing, Health and Change. You may suffer from some physical discomfort or pain. Integral Therapy Centre works with an integrative holistic approach, meaning different styles of therapy to fit your needs. Through integral therapy clients gain the opportunity to access their inner potential and to grow towards their ideal self in all spheres of life “physical, mental and spiritual”.

For more information: 
Integral Therapy Centre
Madhu Kuinja, Skogshyddam 1:28
Ydrefors, 59081 Gullringen, Sweden
Tel: 046-492-80012