Buwan ng Wika – Philippines

Buwan ng Wika

AMSAI Las Piñas, Philippines

The AMSAI Las Piñas celebrated the Buwan ng Wika (Language month) for the whole month of August. This year’s theme was “ Sa pangangalaga sa wika at kalikasan, wagas na pagmamahal talagang kailangan ”(Taking care of the language and environment; an honest love is needed).

Maharlika (Philippines) has been colonized by different outside forces for many centuries and this was an opportunity to integrate Filipino culture especially the Filipino language in the classroom

activities throughout the month of August. We introduced poems, songs, danced the local dances and talked to the children in the local language. August 31 was the day when all the children from Nursery to Kinder all dressed in their Filipiniana (Maharlikan local costumes) and enthusiastically presented their talents in the presence of their parents and relatives, all faces glowing with joy.

The children performed yoga and dance and in the final chorus the children used different musical instruments like drum, xylophone, maracas, guitar and other instruments to the delight of the cheering crowd. The program ended with the induction of the AMSAI officers for the Year 2010-2011 by Didi Ananda Kala’, followed by a collective lunch of vegetarian local delicacies. The parents really appreciated the program and the effort to make the beautiful stage decorations and make this program successful.