My First Book – Bali, Indonesia

The Buku Pertamaku (My first Book) contest for the year 2009 was initiated by the education section of Yayasan Sewa Dharma (Sewa Dharma Foundation) Bali. The people involved are I Made Oka, Ida Ayu Sri Widhiani and Maya Pagandiri. Around 700 posters were sent out to primary and secondary schools around Bali and a few workshops were held. We weren’t sure what to expect but were really happy to receive 67 books and from these we chose 3 winners. It took quite a long time to pull this through but at the beginning of September of this year, the winning books were printed. The award giving ceremony will be held this October and at the same time the second cycle of Buku Pertamaku book contest will begin. Last year, around 1400 people attended the 4 days events. This year we expect to attract more.