Yoga in Schools, Bolzoni, Italy

By Christian Franceschini

In June, in one of the schools in Bolzano (South Tirol, Italy) where I teach Yoga, a whole morning was dedicated to a yoga festival. Alessandro Manzoni is a primary school which has 240 kids, and

all of them took part in the yoga show. All the parents were invited and the 50 teachers and the school director were also there.

My father and my wife, Krsnapriya, helped me to bring and prepare an exhibition with posters, pictures, children’s drawings, etc. on the levels of the mind, the benefits of kaoshiiki, asanas, how to do half bath, etc.

Each class acted out one part of the yoga program done during the year: some showed a few asanas, others surya namaskar. Eighty participated in a kaoshiiki competition (the winners got kiirtan CDs) and all 240 did kiirtan and meditation. The atmosphere was thrilling! The kids were excited and proud to show their parents what they could do. The weather was beautiful sunny and warm, just perfect for performing the different activities outside.

At the end we offered fruits to the children and answered the many questions coming from parents and relatives.