This year’s conference will be held at the beautiful Landih Ashram on the magical island of Bali, Indonesia. Landih Ashram is located in the mountain area of Kintamani in the northern part of Bali about 2 hours by car from Denpasar International Airport.

Kintamani is often cited as the top tourist spot in Bali for its promise of fresh mountain air and lush green surroundings. The fog will descend and blanket the entire area of Kintamani which may bring the temperature down to a cool 20 degrees Celsius. The nights may be even colder. Many tourists summit the volcano overnight in order to catch the breathtaking panorama of sunrise.

The Conference will feature experienced practitioners who will share their knowledge and understanding on Yoga & Natural Therapy, Anatomy of Asanas, Tantra Philosophy, and many inspiring topics.

Confirmed Speakers:

 Ac Dharmadevananda Avt

Dada is today the founder of the AM Wellness Centre in Cebu, Philippines. His workshop will be revolving around the practical aspects of Naturopathy such as the hows and whys of mud-pack, steam- bath, enemas, etc. Dada’s talks are known for being highly educative and entertaining.

Kaomudii Yip (Malaysia)

Kaomudii is an experienced physiotherapist educated in New Zealand. Her 16 years working experience from hospitals as well as private practices in both NZ and Malaysia along with many years of personal yoga practice make her a very sought after trainer. A must for all yoga teachers.

Ac. Shankarsanananda Avt

Dada is the founder of the Ananda Marga Yoga Academy in Singapore. His workshop will focus on basic principles of Yoga and Natural therapy related to the seven Dhatus and Sadhana (yoga practices)

Trond Overland (Norway)

Prabhaka, from Norway, has many years experience as a psychologist and yoga teacher. His talk will highlight Ananda Marga spiritual practices and lifestyle in light of modern scientific knowledge. He has written and translated several books on yoga and meditation.

The Resort has a maximum capacity of 120 persons so availability will be on a ‘first-come first-serve’ basis.

Given this space constraint, all must pre-register to reserve a place.

You may also direct any questions to Dada Shankarsana’nanda at