Nile River School – Egypt

Nile River School – Egypt


This is a charitable kindergarten and Children’s Center in a small village near Al Ayat, Giza district in Egypt. The project is located on the Nile river, 100km South of Cairo, in a small village of farmers and settled Bedouins outside of the town of Al Ayat, in Giza district, Egypt. The center has indoor and outdoor space for educational activities. The centre is located in the middle of the village of that does not have yet running water, has high illiteracy and children have limited educational opportunities. The area is safe, and shops are in 10 minutes bicycle ride in the town of Al Ayat.

The Nile River School project is an open educational activity center for small children in the mornings and for children up to the ages of 15 in the afternoon. We apply Neohumanist Education that stands for love and respect for all beings. The project promotes lifelong learning and practical meaningful application, environmental sustainability and healthy living. At the school we keep vegetarian diet and alcohol, tobacco and drugs are not allowed on the premises.

What work will the volunteer do?
There are wide variety of activities that volunteers can initiate and lead:

  • Facilitating individualized or small group learning through games, activities in educational basics in various subjects such as math, English, reading, writing, geography etc.
  • Helping in preparation, profiling and evaluation as well as administrative tasks.
  • Teach English through fun interactive activities.
  • Creative sessions to promote children’s free expression in various art forms.
  • Other activities that could be created are drama classes, music classes, cultural and educational outings, campaigns regarding healthy living, organic agriculture, environmental issues, etc.
  • Other tasks will include administrative tasks, PR, helping in fundraising activities, resource building, maintenance work, staff meetings, outings, etc.

Skills needed:

Ability to work with children in a creative and disciplined way, respecting the local culture.

Requirements for the Volunteers:
Essential requirements:

  • basic knowledge of the English language
  • keen disposition to working with children and youth
  • basic computer literacy
  • sense of community service
  • interest in self-development and sustainable ways of living
  • sense of responsibility
  • willingness to learn
  • willingness to adjust to the needs of the children and to help to keep the learning environment clean, safe and inspiring.

The volunteers will have to take care of their expenses for food, travel and personal needs which they can calculate what they would spend at home.

The Nile River School is open about 7 hours a day. Friday and Saturday are free with occasional activity on Saturdays.

How many volunteers are needed?

Two volunteers at a time.

How long can I volunteer?

Any length of time

What is offered?

During leisure time volunteers will be encouraged to meet other people involved in the project and in the community. Mentors and other local volunteers will help volunteers to see nearby attractions of Egypt. We are located close to Fayoum, Memphis and Sakkara pyramids. They will be encouraged to meet volunteers on other projects.

Volunteers may be accommodated at the project which has basic simple facilities including running water and a kitchen for vegetarian cooking or they may be able to rent a room in the village.

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