• Economicdemocracy11

    Economic Democracy Conference

    Over 200 people attended the October 11-14 event, about half from the Madison Area and half from other parts of the country, including 35 Proutists (about 15 percent). Well-known keynote speakers included The Nation correspondent John Nichols, Gar Alperovitz on cooperatives, Ellen Brown on public banking, David Cobb of Move to Amend, and David Schweikart, author of another book called After Capitalism.

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  • Orissa11

    International Conference on Future Education

    An International Conference, “Future Education: Philosophical Perspectives and Programs”, was organized 22nd – 24th February, 2012 at the Centre of Advanced Studies in Philosophy(CASP), Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Bhuvaneshvar, Orissa, India, in collaboration with Neohumanist Education Research Institute (NERI), Sweden.

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  • CNSYoga1

    Global Yoga Educators Conference

    CNS Ydrefors, Sweden July 2012 Global Yoga Educators Conference The 6th global Yoga Educators Conference (YEC) was held again this year at CNS Sweden after last year’s success in Bali. Participants attended from all corners of the globe from Argentina, Africa, Europe to central, north …

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  • Circle1

    2012 Management Training for Humanitarian Workers

    AMURT & AMURTEL held a Participatory Humanitarian Program Manager Training at the College of Noehumanist Studies, Gurukul’s Sweden campus, from June 7 – 30. The training consisted of an introduction to humanitarian frameworks and 3 competency-based modules focused on the management of projects, finances, and people. The program was modeled after the internationally recognized BioForce Institute training methodology, and was adapted to include the AMURT & AMURTEL philosophy and field experiences, as well as key Participatory Learning & Action tools and principles.

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  • OrissaNHEConference1

    NHE Conference in Jarsuguda, Orissa

    November 6-10, 2011 By Didi Anandarama Pre Conference Activity at the Ananda Prerana School The Ananda Prerana School, located in Jarsuguda, is a Kindergarten in a newly constructed building with 60 children. Didi Ananda Pramita is the principal and Didi Ananda Kaoshikii the supervisor. The …

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  • NHEFlorence11

    NHE at Futures of Education Conference in Florence Italy, 16-17 June, 2011

    In June, two Neohumanist educators from distant corners of the world were among the 230 participants from 51 different countries that gathered together at the Futures of Education Conference in Florence Italy. The conference’s aim was to promote the sharing of good practice and transnational …

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  • Vishvamitra And Vishvashanti3

    Conference Archives

    Here you will find links to information about past conferences.

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