Ananda Marga Gurukula sponsors various associations to enable a knowledge base exchange between institutions around the world with similar purposes.

AMAYE – Ananda Marga Association of Yoga Educators
Ananda Marga yoga educators may share their articles and resources in this on-line data base.



GANE18x24GANE – Global Association of Neohumanist Educators

The Global Association of Neohumanist Educators is a membership association for the professional development of Neohumanist educators worldwide, strengthening our global network of schools and teachers and coordinating and promoting Neohumanist Education on the regional and international level.



Association of Neohumanist Education in Romania



NEENet – Neohumanist Education European Network
The Neohumanist Education European Network is an informal network of the NHE schools working in Europe, in order to faciliate information exchange, improve teacher training, share best practices, and connect with each other sharing news and events.