Conference Proceedings

Building Neohumanist Futures
July 12 -25, 2008

On Building Neohumanist Futures: Preamble to the Sixth International Neohumanist Educational Futures Conference 2008 by Dada Shambhushivananda, Kulapati (Chancellor), Ananda Marga Gurukula

1. Marilyn Mehlmann – The Blind Men and the ESD Elephant

2. Marcus Bussey – Neohumanism and Education for Sustainable Development

3. Dada Vedaprajinananda – Neohumanism, Comparative Economics and Education for a Global Society

4. Alberta Pedroja and Arete Brim – Engineering the Shift in Consciousness

5. Sohail Inayatullah – From Multiculturalism to Neohumanism: Pedagogy and Politics in Changing Futures

6. CLP and Neohumanism

7. Marcus Bussey – Mapping Neohumanist Futures in Education

8. Sid Jordan – A New Wave of Consciousness

9. Olena Pometun – Empowering pedagogic design

10. Miriam Sannum – Sustainable development as intercultural action

11. Marilyn Mehlmann – Some Reflections on Pattern Laboratory from GAP International

12. Marcus Bussey – Microvita and the Body Politic: Sarkar and Social Ordering

13. Demeter Russafov – New Education for a New Century

14. Abstracts of Articles – prepared by Sister Tejasvinii

15. Annette Gough – A Long, Winding (and Rocky) Road to Environmental Education for Sustainability in 2006

16. Marcus Bussey – Embodied Education: Reflections on Sustainable Education


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