E-Books for Early Childhood Education

safe_and_sound_total1-page-1Safe and Sound

A Neohumanistic system of puppet stories to aid communication, self-esteem, ethical attitudes and personal safety. Each puppet has a distinct and consistent role. One is the learner. Another represents ignorance and thoughtlessness. Another puppet is the twinge of conscience. Lastly is the wise puppet that offers the cause and effect of the learner’s actions. As the children are introduced to each story, they begin to translate these same roles in real life.

Who Am Iwho_am_i_total-page-1

An introduction for young children to ethical and spiritual ideas through a variety of stories and related activities. Some of the abstract concepts found in modern Yoga’s masterpiece, Ananda Sutram by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, are brought within a preschooler’s grasp. The enchanting stories will carry a child’s mind to far adventures and intuitive knowledge.

draw-the-sun-page-1I Can Draw the Sun

A system of storytelling that incorporates drawing to motivate children in their early writing efforts. In one story, children may fly with a balloon to save an injured fairy. Afterward, the children draw the balloon. As drawing a balloon resembles the letters O, P, and Q, children are practicing these skills in a meaningful and fun way. By using this system of storytelling with drawing children accelerate in their writing, storytelling, and drawing.

“Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye - Education is that which liberates”