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  • Hong Kong Sector Taiwan

    GLOBAL NEWS HONG KONG SECTOR NHE Activities in East Asia By Tang Tamminga Actually I don’t know where to start, so much is happening, planned and unplanned but all flowing perfectly well by the Grace of the Universe and with the good intentions all gradually …

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  • Delhi Sector India

    GLOBAL NEWS DELHI SECTOR Chandigarh, India AMGK Launches Community Services With personal guidance and inspiration from Dada Shambhushivananda of AMGK and cooperation of a local team consisting of Ravinder, Jasbir Singh, Payal Sodhi , Daavin Vohra, Dada Atidevananda and many others, a program has been …

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  • manila-sector

    GLOBAL NEWS   MANILA and SUVA SECTOR Sunshine School, Laos visits the AM River School, Australia by Kamala Alister Students with Host Families Posters for Cafe Night Lao Students Performing at Cafe Night

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  • delhi-suva-sector

    GLOBAL NEWS DELHI SECTOR Design for Educational Institutions, India Khushru Irani Design Studio (KIDS) of Pune India has joined the team of GK Consultants for improving the architectural design of school/campus buildings of Gurukula-related institutions. Founded in 2009, KIDS specializes in campus-planning, urban and interior …

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  • Delhi-Sector–India

    GLOBAL NEWS DELHI SECTOR Umanivas, India Ananda Marga High School for Girls News of recognition of the Umanivas High School for girls has been recently received and the efforts of the Principal, Avadhutika Ananda Vratiisha Ac., the WWD department actively supported by ERAWS, and Gurukul, …

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  • manila sector thailand laos

    GLOBAL NEWS MANILA SECTOR Bangkok, Thailand   NERI (Neohumanist Education Research Institute) Neohumanist Education Research Institute (Thailand) is being organized to further the research and propagation of neohumanist principles in Thailand. Didi Ananda Devamala, Didi Ananda Anuraga, Didi Ananda Citralekha, Dada Ramakrishna, Ms. Jareeporn Naksamrit, …

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    AMSAI and AMJAS MGQ Las Pinas City Nursery and Kindergarten in Manila, Philippines A Beautiful Story By Amelia Arsenal Background I have always felt that the Living Quarters of the late Shrii P. R. Sarkar in Manila, Philippines should be home to activities that reflect …

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  • The-Soft-Side-Alternative-in-Neohumanist-Schools

    The “Soft Side” Based Alternative:

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  • Hong Kong and Nairobi Sector – Mongolia Taiwan and Kenya

    GLOBAL NEWS HONG KONG SECTOR   Mongolia The Lotus Children’s Home has moved to a new 10 hectares compound in Gatchord, which now houses also a primary school for the children. Taiwan By Rudramohan So glad to share with you some of the news from …

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  • Delhi Sector – India

    GLOBAL NEWS DELHI SECTOR Bhagalpur, India By Dada Krpamayananda In June students from Bhagalpur Polytechnic College, Marwadi College, TN D College, and Sabore College attended a lecture on how to develop a photogenic memory. More than 50 students attended this lecture. Many students showed further …

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