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  • Helping Children to Manage their Feelings

    Helping Children to Manage their Feelings Constructively By Magda Zambet, Educational Director, Gradinita Rasarit kindergarten in Bucharest, Romania No matter how loving and safe of an environment we try to create for children, as parents and teachers we need to be aware that, at some …

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  • Gender Equity in Education

    Gender Equity in Education By Dada Maheshvarananda and Mirra Price The mass media and advertising bombard us from a very young age that the value of women depends on how beautiful, thin and sexy they look; that buying the right clothes and beauty products is …

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  • Neohumanist Education for the Personality Development of Children

    Neohumanist Education for the Personality Development of Children By Sunandita Bhowmik Asst. Prof., Pragati College of Education, Siliguri, Darjeeling, India Personality is the sum total of different processes and activities of the individual. It is the integrative organization of all physical, intellectual, psychosocial and affective …

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  • Meditation Ideas Stories and Games

    Meditation Ideas from The Ananda Marga River School Australia by Kamala Alister Spiritual Heroes Recently I had a term going into each class at the Ananda Marga River School once a week to meditate with the children. With younger children, I used finger puppets or …

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  • Gardening and Farm to Plate Program

    New Day Ananda Marga School of Portland was featured in a fall issue of a well known magazine “Edible Portland” published by Ecotrust, that supports sustainable farming and local growers. Their garden program has become a model not just for preschools but also for public …

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  • We all have a story

    We all have a story Using friendship as a tool for overcoming stereotypes and prejudices in building an inclusive society By Didi Ananda Devapriya Stereotypes and prejudices are already evident in early childhood (4-5 years old). Once fully formed, they become resistant to change and …

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  • How to Be the Most Effective Preschool Teacher in the World

    How to Be the Most Effective Preschool Teacher in the World As presented at the NHE Seminar in Caracas, Venezuela in a two part workshop By Mary Jane Glassman For a number of years scientific researchers in the U.S. have been studying the effects of …

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  • Theater in Education

    Theater in Education Presented by Ole Brekke at the NHE Conference Caracas, Venezuela I am director of The Commedia School in Copenhagen Denmark, a two-year professional level theater school. I also teach classes in TIE (Theatre In Education) at teacher training institutions, universities and at …

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  • The Application of Neohumanism to the Layers of a School

    The Application of Neohumanism to the Layers of a School Workshop Presented by Eric Jacobson in Caracas, Venezuela In making a better world, it is easier to build correctly from the outset, rather than tear down and rebuild—hence proper education of our young is the …

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  • What is Neohumanism and What is Neohumanist Education

    What is Neohumanism, and What is Neohumanist Education? By Eric Jacobson Presented at the NHE Conference, Caracas, Venezuela What is Neohumanism? If you can imagine two ideas and respond to eight questions, then the answer will become obvious. Shall we try it? These two imaginations …

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