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  • Bio-psychology and the Teenager Years: Yoga, the Brain, the Chakras and STUVOL – by Rutger Tamminga

    The following is a summary of a talk given by Rutger Tamminga at the recent Global Conference in Taiwan, Empowering Youth for a Neohumanist Society, based on his many years of experience working with children and youth of all ages. Bio-psychology and the Teenager Years …

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  • Bio-Psychology – A Necessary Romance: Integrating Elements of Neuroscience and Intuitional Science

    Bio-Psychology – A Necessary Romance: Integrating Elements of Neuroscience and Intuitional Science By Richard Maxwell, Ph.D. Adapted from a presentation given at Prama Institute, Marshall, North Carolina, USA for the Ananda Marga Gurukula 25th Anniversary Conference on 7/14/2015 The field of neuroscience and the realm …

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  • Humanism-Rediscovers-its-Soul

    Humanism Rediscovers it’s Soul Neohumanism – Humanistic Psychology Workshop By Sid Jordan

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  • Biopsychology of Dreams

    Biopsychology of Dreams By Ac. Sid Vishvamitra Jordan Introduction According to P. R. Sarkar “true dreams” emanate from a “surging vibrational flow which comes out of the fountainhead of the unconscious mind and vibrates the subconscious mind”. These dreams represent unfulfilled samskaras or unfinished business …

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  • In Other AMGK News

    In Other AMGK News Bio-Psychology Research Workshops were presented at the Boston Region and Atlanta Region fall retreats on Kun’d’alinii Experiences and Their Significance. Dr. Richard Maxwell presented some of the initial results from the 2007 meditation survey. He compared responses by members of Ananda …

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  • Bio-Psychology Intensive Seminar, CNS Sweden

    Bio-Psychology Intensive Seminar, CNS Sweden Conducted by Dr. Richard Maxwell September 19-23, 2005 A Bio-psychology Intensive Seminar was conducted at CNS Sweden by Dr. Richard Maxwell from the USA . The 25 participants included six from Thailand and Norway . The overall goal of the …

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  • Conscious Self-Development

    Conscious Self-Development Leadership Seminar at CNS Sweden given by Dada Lokeshananda  notes of Rasamayii and Iishiika The central theme of the 4-day seminar by Dada Lokeshananda was how to move forward on the path of conscious self-development in a faster and better way. It included: …

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  • Effective Communication and Counselling Skills

    Effective Communication and Counselling Skills Notes from  A workshop given by Dr. Sid Jordan at CNS Sweden This experiential four-day workshop on Communication and Counseling Skills led by Dr. Sid Jordan delved into the world of Getting to Know Oneself; Ways of Active Listening; Interpersonal …

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