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  • A STUVOL programme

    A STUVOL programme “Shining Stars” in Syria Reported by Nityaprema A team of four young volunteers led by Gayatrii offered a plethora of fine Art activities to the children at the Suweida children’s home during the long two month school holidays. It was a daily …

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  • STUVOL Accelerated Learning Courses

    STUVOL Accelerated Learning Courses From the activities of the Ananda Marga Yoga Association in Syria naturally a group of young people gathered children of friends and neighbors and started teaching them yoga for children. Gradually extended activities were connected to the yoga. In this way …

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  • Towards A Neohumanist Approach – Part Two

    From the NERI Desk – Ananda Pali Suva Sector (part one was printed in the May 2008 issue of Gurukula Network) By John Crowe   In my conclusion to the first part of this article, I suggested that the key to developing a Neohumanist approach …

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  • Student Volunteers in Croatia Part II

    Student Volunteers in Croatia Part II On Bullying – By Pedro Alves Nowadays educators, teachers and psychologists are becoming more aware of the need to address the topic of bullying in schools. Much investigation has been done and much has been written. However for a …

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  • Student Volunteers in Croatia Part I

    Student Volunteers in Croatia Part I The following activities are going on under STUVOL in Croatia “My First Book” contest is in its third year with workshops and publicity going on in different towns. We received already the first story by a very eager 7 year …

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  • Student Volunteers Service Learning

    Student Volunteers Service Learning ABC – Anti-Bullying Campaign Anti-bullying campaign is a project of CNS in Karlovac schools. (In some parts of the world, bullying is a problem among young people in school, the bully being a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially …

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  • STUVOL – Student Volunteers

    STUVOL, a programme of NHE, was outlined in the May 2005 issue of this newsletter. Among other things, STUVOL offers students activities through which they can develop their service spirit and grow into caring and benevolent people . STUVOL – Student Volunteers Service-Learning for Grades K …

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    WHAT IS STUVOL ? STUVOL – Student Volunteers is part of Neohumanist Education. This program was created as an extracurricular activity by Shrii P.R Sarkar and is similar to after school programmes or electives. STUVOL runs from Kindergarten to College. STUVOL offers students activities through …

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