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  • Sustainable Development Studies

    Sustainable Development Studies With the growing interest in developing Master Units, we will explore how to apply comprehensive sustainability, including how to incorporate Neohumanist and Proutist concepts on Master Units in coming issues of Gurukula Network. In this issue we will explore the distinction between …

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  • A Search for Community

    In this issue’s “Sustainability” section of the Gurukula Network, we are featuring a couple’s personal account of their visits to a number of Master Units (MUs – comprehensive rural projects) and ecovillages around the globe.  Their experience challenges us to think “green” and practically about how …

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  • Water Conference

    Water Conference Dada Shambhushivananda sat in on the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)Conference. The SIWI Conference was based on the premise that benefits of water cannot be isolated from the costs of providing that benefit and therefore, the Provision of Water, like everything else must …

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  • The Blind Men and the ESD Elephant

      The Blind Men and the ESD Elephant By Marilyn Mehlmann Education for Sustainable Development – what do we know about it? The UNESCO Decade of Education for Sustainable Development is under way, and should affect every one of us. The United Nations launched its …

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  • Ananda Vidyadharma Community Project

    Ananda Vidyadharma Community Project Huay Ma Lai, Thailand By Michele Montenegro When approaching the Ananda Vidyadharma Master Unit, you can hear the drums and guitars. Dada Ramakrishna got them last year so that the boys would play music with the children of the village instead …

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  • Comprehensive Sustainability

    In the last edition of Gurukula Network, sustainability was presented as an important concept for developing global and local systems that benefit individuals, communities, and society as a whole. Two articles discussed sustainability in relation to Sarkar’s socio-economic theory (Prout) and his model rural projects …

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  • Supporting Innovative Efforts Towards Sustainable Development

    Supporting Innovative Efforts Towards Sustainable Development Horticultural Therapy Centre in Boise Boise Tree House Horticulture Therapy and Education Center Project is an experiential hands-on, educational plant based activities center located on 5 acres of land called Ananda Madhura’ and located in Eagle, Idaho. The centre …

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  • Families and Intentional Communities

    Families and Intentional Communities By Ac. Vishvamitra As I begin to address the topic of families and intentional communities I realize how diverse and vast the experience is for individual families who have lived in intentional communities over the last few decades. Most families probably …

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  • PROUT’s Vision of Sustainability

    PROUT’s Vision of Sustainability By Ramesh Bjonnes Sustainability has become a household word today. Bureaucrats in the World Bank promote sustainable development in the third world. Organic farmers describe their practices as sustainable agriculture. Socially responsible entrepreneurs proclaim that sustainable business will save the world. …

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  • A Call to Action

     A Call to Action By Ac. Vishvamitra The next stage of human evolution is to learn to live together harmoniously and productively. We as a human society have been aware of an environmental and planetary crisis of gigantic proportions for the last few decades. Environmental …

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