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  • Sound-and-Creation

    Essays on Sound and Creation by Frank van den Bovenkamp Idea and Vibration In spirituality it is nearly impossible to introduce the subject of sound, because sound itself is that which introduces everything. The English word sound means something you can hear, and it also …

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  • Homo Tantricus

    Homo Tantricus: Tantra as an Episteme for Future Generations by Marcus Bussey Institutions reflect the minds of those who create them. Change the mind and you change the institution. In this essay I explore such a change to try and foresee what kind of university …

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  • Tantra University

    A Tantra University for Future Generations by Marcus Bussey All education reflects the values and ideals of the society that it serves. By its nature, and as a result of its role in society, it tends to be profoundly conservative. Only official knowledge, that body …

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  • Why I Love Tantra

    Why I Love Tantra Ramesh Bjonnes Tantra is a spiritual path which inspires people to walk their spiritual talk. That’s why I love Tantra. I also love Tantra because of its rich, ancient history. The prehistoric landscape of ancient India contained two separate rivers, one …

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“Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye - Education is that which liberates”