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  • Bio-psychology and the Teenager Years: Yoga, the Brain, the Chakras and STUVOL – by Rutger Tamminga

    The following is a summary of a talk given by Rutger Tamminga at the recent Global Conference in Taiwan, Empowering Youth for a Neohumanist Society, based on his many years of experience working with children and youth of all ages. Bio-psychology and the Teenager Years …

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  • International-Yoga-Festival-Brazil

    International Yoga Festival Porto Alegre, Brazil By Didi Ananda Sushiila The First International Yoga Festival in Porto Alegre was held from October 7 to 9, in City Hall and at the Usina do Gasômetro, with the aim of spreading the millennial practices that contribute to …

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  • Seminar on Asanas, Vritti, and Glands

    Academy of Yoga and Intuitional Science – Verona, Italy Asanas, Vritti and Glands Ananda Marga Gurukula 25th Anniversary Seminar, March 14 -15, 2015 To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Ananda Marga Gurukula, a seminar was held in Italy on March 14th-15th. It was well attended …

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  • Intensive Yoga Teacher Training – Argentina

    2015 Intensive Yoga Teacher Training AYAM Yoga Academy, Córdoba, Argentina By José Luis Ferrero, General Coordinator/Teacher With great joy and satisfaction we completed the 2015 Intensive Yoga Teacher Training on February 22nd at the Master Unit Ananda Maya Diipa, in the Córdoba hills. Seventeen new …

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  • Ananda Marga Yoga Academy Singapore

    Ananda Marga Yoga Academy, Singapore Kids Yoga Teacher Training On 22 August Ananda Marga Yoga Academy (Singapore) organized a one day Kids Yoga Teacher Training course by Tang Tamminga from Taiwan. From years of experience with Kids Yoga he has developed his personal and unique …

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  • Yoga Academy Intensive Yoga Teacher Course 2014

    AYAM Yoga Academy – Argentina Intensive Yoga Teacher Course 2014 by José Luis Ferrero With great joy, last January we completed the 2014 Intensive Yoga Teachers Course amidst the beautiful and serene mountains of the Córdoba Province, Argentina. This year thirteen people got their Yoga …

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  • AYAM-Intensive-Yoga-Teacher-Training

    AYAM Intensive Yoga Teacher Training Córdoba, Argentina by José Luis Ferrero The AYAM (Academia de Yoga de Ananda Marga) Intensive Yoga Teacher Course was held from January 15th to 31st at the Ananda Mayadiipa Master Unit. This MU is set among the mountains, in the …

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  • First National Conference of Yoga

    First National Conference of Yoga, Mina Clavero, Argentina By José Luis Ferrero On the 14, 15 and 16 September, the yoga teacher Graciela Abrego and I participated as representatives of Ananda Marga Argentina and the Rajadhiraja Yoga Tradition as well as AYAM, Academia de Yoga …

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  • Global Yoga Educators Conference

    CNS Ydrefors, Sweden Global Yoga Educators Conference The 6th global Yoga Educators Conference (YEC) was held again this year at CNS Sweden after last year’s success in Bali. Participants attended from all corners of the globe from Argentina, Africa, Europe to central, north and southeast …

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  • Letter to the editor

    Letter to the Editor Some reflections on Dhanjoo Ghista’s and Michael Towsey’s “Consciousness, Cosmology and Evolution” (published in Gk Network Issue 34) by Henk de Weijer In order to explain a specific view on a subject it is important to define it and establish its …

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