Prout Convention – Compassion and Self-Reliance – July 18-23 – Vig, Denmark

The Prout Convention is a blend of spiritual retreat and inspiration for social change. This year’s program continues a comprehensive analysis of the European crisis with both immediate and long term solutions based on the Progressive Utilization Theory or “Prout” (Prout is an al-ternative socio-economic theory which sees the world as a family of living beings on a common journey towards higher consciousness. With the slogan, “Prosperity Without Harming Others”, Prout’s aim is to provide security and progress for all forms of life). In particular we will look at the potential for regional alter-natives to the European Union (such as a Nordic Alliance) based on self-reliance, social justice and sustainability. We will work on the organizing skills we need such as commu-nication, planning and decision-making. Finally we will have hands-on workshops on al-ternative currencies, water systems, renewable energy, permaculture and other skills for people who want to make progressive changes by changing the way they live.

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