AMSAI Activities Cirebon, Indonesia

AMSAI Activities Cirebon, Indonesia

By Didi Ananda Vratti


Every month we have a day for a field trip. November 10th is Hero’s Day in Indonesia. So, on 24th November we brought the children to Heroes’ cemetery in Cirebon, as an outing activity.



December 22nd is Mother’s Day in Indonesia. We had a competition for everybody on the 21stDecember, with the play group, Kindergarten A and Kindergarten B, as well as their mothers.


Play group : They had to find their mothers’ sandals and bring them to their mother.

KG A: They have to find, arrange and paste number from 1 to 10.
KG B: They have to find, arrange and paste the Alphabet from A to Z.
Mother and child: Together they decorated an earthenware jug.

The next day, the children had a performance (dances, read poems, etc.) on stage for their parents, and we gave out the mid year term reports.

April 21st is known as Kartini’s day. It was the birthday of Raden Ajeng Kartini. She was the first lady who fought for women’s right. In the olden days, women stayed at home doing house work only.

They didn’t go to school, and couldn’t work outside of the house. Because of Kartini, Indonesian women can go to school, and can work outside of the home now. In order to remember her courage and her merit, we celebrate Kartini’s day every year. We celebrate it by having “traditional dress competition” for the students, and for the mothers we have a “group singing competition”. In the competition, the children wore so many kinds of traditional dresses such as Javanese, Balinese, Minangkabau, Malay, etc. as you can see in the photos.

By Grace and through the Manila Sector Didis’ fund and some donations from members of Ananda Marga, we were able to renovate our school. We replaced the termite eaten wooden roof with steel. We elevated the floor of the offices, so we don’t have to worry when there’s heavy rain and flooding. We put down tiles in the aisle in the front of each classroom, so it’s become the multi-purpose room for asanas, meditation, exercises, playing indoor, etc. We repainted the school as well.



We are so thankful to the Didis of Manila Sector and the donors. We would have not been able to do this without your help.