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  • Renaissance Universal Speech

     Renaissance Universal Speech DMS in Taiwan Oct 8, 2005 A Summary Emanative Flows and Spiritual Education Ac. Shambhushivananda Avadhuta The song of life is the song of movement. Where there is life there is a flow of vitality. Nothing is stationary in this universe. Everything …

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  • Effective Communication and Counselling Skills

    Effective Communication and Counselling Skills Notes from  A workshop given by Dr. Sid Jordan at CNS Sweden This experiential four-day workshop on Communication and Counseling Skills led by Dr. Sid Jordan delved into the world of Getting to Know Oneself; Ways of Active Listening; Interpersonal …

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  • Seven Life Principles

    The personal development of the teacher is an essential element of Neohumanist Education. The three articles that follow are shared with this in mind.“Academic certificates do not necessarily confer on a person the right to become a teacher. Teachers must possess such qualities as personal …

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  • The Neohumanist Way

    The Neohumanist Way Preparing School Staff and Families as Neohumanists By Marcus Bussey Neohumanist educational theory and practice follows in the venerable footsteps of the critical pedagogical tradition. This point can easily be established with reference to the central themes of social justice, reflective action …

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“Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye - Education is that which liberates”