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  • Theatre in Education (TIE)

    Theatre in Education (TIE) Training of Teachers By Ole Brekke (This article is taken from notes made by Niel Arup Mozumder (UK) during a two day workshop with future yoga teachers in Sweden at an Ananda Marga Training Center. The aim of the workshop was …

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  • Theater Seminar

    Theater Seminar A Theater Seminar was conducted by Ole Brekke, director of the Commedia School in Copenhagen, Denmark. Please see article in this issue.

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  • Spontaneous Story Telling

    Spontaneous Story Telling By Ole Brekke In this two hour session everyone learned to be a spontaneous story teller making up stories to serve their needs. Though the excitement of the experience cannot be recreated in this literary description, this is offered as a simple …

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  • Theatre Art Workshop for Teachers

    Theatre Art Workshop for Teachers ETC and Davao Training Centre, Philippines October and November 2005 Led by Cecile and Jeremy Notes by Rainjita ( Davao STC) In theatre we can use many forms of art like dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, visual arts, play of …

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  • Theatre in Education (TIE) Workshop, CNS Sweden

    Theatre in Education (TIE) Workshop, CNS Sweden Given by Vishva Shanti Ole Brekke This two day workshop for potential neohumanist educators was held in August at CNS in Sweden and conducted by Vishva Shanti Ole Brekke, director of The Commedia School in Copenhagen . It …

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“Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye - Education is that which liberates”