The 10 Yoga Keys to Happiness

Issue37_Page_38_Image_0001Our 10 Core Values

By Mahajyoti Glassman
Morning Star Preschool, Denver, Colorado, USA

The Yamas guide the manner in which we step into the World.

Ahimsa ~ Kindness. No hurting. I am friendly. I wear my warm fuzzies every day.

Satya ~ Honesty. Consideration. I speak up for myself and others.

Asteya ~ Responsibility. No grabbing. I take responsibility for my actions.

Brahmacharya ~ Mutual respect. Unconditional love. We are different and I love you.

Aparigraha ~ Simple living. Just two will do.

The Niyamas guide the manner in which we manage ourselves.

Shaocha ~ Cleanliness. Orderliness. I put away what I use.

Santosha ~ Contentment. Acceptance. I am happy. I can move on.

Tapah ~ Self restraint. Patience. I like to help and take care of my friends.

Svadyaya ~ Understanding. I like to learn what my friends like.

Iishvara Pranidhana ~ Spiritual focus. I take shelter in Goodness.

The Focus

Baba Nam Kevalam ~ Love is All There Is!


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Cyber Connectivity Initiative

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