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  • Master Unit Ananda Vasundhara, Brasília, Brazil

    Master Unit Ananda Vasundhara Brasília, Brazil By Didi Aradhana Starting, planning, working… It has been almost 2 years since the beginning of our new master unit in Brazil; starting from scratch, creating a vision, and developing the Master Unit. In this article I would like …

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  • Centro Madre in Barlovento, Venezuela

    The integrated farm at Centro Madre in Barlovento, Venezuela is great example of how a small self-reliant farm can grow into a sustainable production of many farm products. In the next issue we will look at another small farm coop on the Ananda Girisuta Master …

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  • Ananda Bharati – Sunrise Farm

    Ananda Bharati – Sunrise Farm County Clare, Ireland In the heart of Ireland, in County Clare, you will find the Sunrise Farm Master Unit, also known as Ananda Bharati. This eco-friendly organic farm and bakery, and soon to be healing and meditation center, has attracted …

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  • Service Communities

      Service Communities Documentation on Master Units Around the World Publication project in progress This new A4 book will be a documentation in text and colour photos highlighting the concepts of Master Units as envisioned by Shrii P. R. Sarkar and documenting existing services of …

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  • Neohumanist Ecology Festival

      Neohumanist Ecology Festival at Ananda Putta Bhumi, Poland now in its Eighteenth Year By Dada Vedaprajinananda On July 14, 1991, the first Neohumanist Ecology Festival was held at Ananda Putta Bhumi in the southwest of Poland, and since then hundreds of people have enjoyed …

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  • Master Units and Cooperative Communities

    Master Units and Cooperative Communities By Ac Vishvamitra There has been a yearning on the part of many spiritually and community minded people around the globe over the last 50 years to recapture some of the finer elements of rural community life and adopt new …

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  • A Search for Community

    In this issue’s “Sustainability” section of the Gurukula Network, we are featuring a couple’s personal account of their visits to a number of Master Units (MUs – comprehensive rural projects) and ecovillages around the globe.  Their experience challenges us to think “green” and practically about how …

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  • Positive Microvita in the Forests of Ananda Vrati

    Positive Microvita in the Forests of Ananda Vrati By Dada Vimaleshananda Are there positive microvita* in a master unit? For sure! Everything started one morning in Ananda Vrati Master Unit. “I should carve some stones with Shrii Sarkar’s quotations and put them at the feet …

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  • Ananda Vidyadharma Community Project

    Ananda Vidyadharma Community Project Huay Ma Lai, Thailand By Michele Montenegro When approaching the Ananda Vidyadharma Master Unit, you can hear the drums and guitars. Dada Ramakrishna got them last year so that the boys would play music with the children of the village instead …

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  • Families and Intentional Communities

    Families and Intentional Communities By Ac. Vishvamitra As I begin to address the topic of families and intentional communities I realize how diverse and vast the experience is for individual families who have lived in intentional communities over the last few decades. Most families probably …

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