Campo Divino, Argentina

Ecological Agriculture

By Kuntur Deva

During these unforgettable 2023 summer months, Campo Divino welcomed more than 100 people who came in groups, families and individuals including volunteers, mostly from Europe. They were all looking for something deeper, nature in the true sense, love itself, good company – forging a progressive path ahead and the choice to think about others more than oneself. Motivated by this collective spirit and the desire to reach out to society, we organized a program for eco-awareness and all of a sudden, the cosmos unfolded the way for it to happen and be a success.

For the first time, the initiative was firmly taken to involve the local authorities such as the INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Research) and the Municipality of Ucacha to be part of and support what Campo Divino planned for the community. The clear objective was to create an atmosphere for people from different sectors engaged in agricultural activities to come together for learning and sharing, about more transformative perspectives and about action plans, particularly about those promoting greater ecological values and concrete works or projects aligned with innovative crop-growing in equilibrium with nature.

For Future Organic

Back in July 2022, a family from the Netherlands approached Campo Divino through the WWOOFING platform for volunteers. Immediately the enthusiasm of meeting each other was felt and warm proximity among each led to 6 months of interaction and planning, bringing to fruition one of the most relevant news so far from Campo Divino which is presented below.

Together with this beautiful family, a program called ‘For Future Organic’ was held on February 4, 2023 at the cultural house of Ucacha, at the railway station. Ucacha is a small locality in the southern part of Córdoba province (Argentina), around which massive extensive monocultures take place (soybean and corn) and where narrow personal interests and lack of appropriate laws and regulations lead to nature losingimportance and respect .

As soon as we met each other the desire to do something public struck our minds and showed us the way to take further steps into what could become the most revolutionary agro-action exposition in the town’s history.

43 people including conventional large-scale farmers and small organic projects representatives, plus \Ucacha’s mayor, Ariel Moreyra, and the INTA president, Gustavo Gendulain, as well as family and friends were delighted by two spectacular presentations. The first was given by Jeroen and Eline together with their boy Monte, about their project plan in the Netherlands turning 1 hectare of his father’s land into an ecological farm providing vegetables for the local community. The second was given by Hugo Vigneta from Ucacha, who shared his family’s more than 40 years experience working their 5 hectares of land, applying natural and organic methods.

A small step that opened communication doors between seemingly distant realities was established, and now what is needed is to follow up with the creation of a local team to dream further of some collective work and benefit for the area. Looking forward! This event, the first of many to come for this town and hopefully for other places as well, will most certainly be remembered by the future pioneers who will follow these exemplary actions for harmonious and loving coexistence between humans, animals and plants in a common ground called Mother Earth, whom we are eternally thanking and to whom we wish to give back what She deserves: kind consideration, genuine love and sincere care.