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  • A New Playground at Sunshine School Laos A Creative Project

    A New Playground at Sunshine School Laos A Creative Project by Kate Kozony Sometimes, the time, the place and the people seem just right for something to happen… a ripening of ideas, environmental needs and willing personalities bring together a creative spark.   A week …

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  • Learning the Art of Wholeness:

    Learning the Art of Wholeness: Challenges for Education and Human Development Madras Institute of Development Studies, India July 2, 2011 This workshop was held to discuss solutions to the educational crisis that is evident in all levels of education – from the primary to higher …

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  • AMSAI Activities Cirebon, Indonesia

    AMSAI Activities Cirebon, Indonesia By Didi Ananda Vratti   Every month we have a day for a field trip. November 10th is Hero’s Day in Indonesia. So, on 24th November we brought the children to Heroes’ cemetery in Cirebon, as an outing activity.     December 22nd is …

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  • My First Book – Bali, Indonesia

    My First Book – Bali, Indonesia The Buku Pertamaku (My first Book) contest for the year 2009 was initiated by the education section of Yayasan Sewa Dharma (Sewa Dharma Foundation) Bali. The people involved are I Made Oka, Ida Ayu Sri Widhiani and Maya Pagandiri. …

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  • Buwan ng Wika – Philippines

    Buwan ng Wika AMSAI Las Piñas, Philippines The AMSAI Las Piñas celebrated the Buwan ng Wika (Language month) for the whole month of August. This year’s theme was “ Sa pangangalaga sa wika at kalikasan, wagas na pagmamahal talagang kailangan ”(Taking care of the language …

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  • Child Centers Myanmar (Burma)

    Child Centers Myanmar (Burma) By Ac. Laliteshananda Avt. At present in Myanmar there are eight Child Centers (pre-schools) operated by AMURT-AMURTEL. The first four child centers started in August 2008 and the other four January/March 2010. The projects started as Child Friendly Spaces (CFSs) to …

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  • AMSAI SCHOOLS – The Philippines

    AMSAI SCHOOLS Davao Diocese, The Philippines By Brcii Rainjita Ac.  

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  • Art Exhibition “For the Most Beloved”

    Art Exhibition “For the Most Beloved” Baan Unrak Primary School Sangklaburi, Thailand An art exhibition held in Bangkok was organized by Didi Ananda Carushila for Baan Unrak Primary School as a promotion and fundraising for the construction of an atelier or “Art House” at the …

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  • NHE in Taiwan

    NHE in Taiwan by R. Taminga Taiwan is a can-do nation: earthquakes and typhoons annually destroy houses, bridges even entire villages, but the Taiwanese people just stand up, look for a way out and go on with life. Much of the work of the NHE …

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  • Happy Hour Centre

    Happy Hour Centre Khar, Mumbai, India Inspired by the ideals of neohumanism, the late Shrii L.C.Anand provided a permanent home for a school for children affected by cerebral palsy and multiple handicaps in 1994. The school is located at 47, Anand Kutir, 16th Rd. Khar, …

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