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  • Conscious Self-Development

    Conscious Self-Development Leadership Seminar at CNS Sweden given by Dada Lokeshananda  notes of Rasamayii and Iishiika The central theme of the 4-day seminar by Dada Lokeshananda was how to move forward on the path of conscious self-development in a faster and better way. It included: …

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  • Effective Communication and Counselling Skills

    Effective Communication and Counselling Skills Notes from  A workshop given by Dr. Sid Jordan at CNS Sweden This experiential four-day workshop on Communication and Counseling Skills led by Dr. Sid Jordan delved into the world of Getting to Know Oneself; Ways of Active Listening; Interpersonal …

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  • Seven Life Principles

    The personal development of the teacher is an essential element of Neohumanist Education. The three articles that follow are shared with this in mind.“Academic certificates do not necessarily confer on a person the right to become a teacher. Teachers must possess such qualities as personal …

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  • The Four Classrooms, A Neohumanist Game

    The Four Classrooms, A Neohumanist Game Preface: These notes are for the facilitator who can use these notes as part of the reflection after the activity outlined below in “The Four Classrooms Game“.Teachers usually fall into three groups:1.The old style authoritarian teacher (as Authority) who has a …

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  • The Values Game

    The Values Game Values determine what kind of reaction we have to situations we encounter in life. Some of these values we wear on our sleeves while others lie hidden in our unconscious. Such values cause us to react in different ways. Take for example …

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