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  • NHE-and-the-layers-of-the-mind

    Conference Follow-up: NHE and the Layers of the Mind Ac. Shambhushivananda Avadhuta Sutra 3-1. Paiṋcakośátmiká jaeviisattá kadaliipuśpavat. [The living being is the composite of five kośas (layers of mind), like a plantain flower (with its petals).] While modern scientific disciplines are still struggling to understand …

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  • Fun with Japa and Kiirtan

    Fun with Japa and Kiirtan Introducing Chanting to Teachers and Young Children By MahaJyoti Glassman Chanting is the rhythmic speaking or singing of words or sounds. Chanting a mantra, sacred text, name of God, or other words is a commonly used ancient practice. Throughout history …

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  • Including All Families

    Including All Families By Didi Ananda Devapriya Families play a central role in the life of children – indeed a child’s identity is first formed in relationship to her family. To develop a healthy positive sense of self, children need to have their family experiences …

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  • Yama and Niyama Fairies, Brazil

    Yama and Niyama Fairies Fly into the Hearts of Children at Sol Nasciente, Brazil (as told to Kamala Alister by Soma Brys) This little school at the Ananda Kiirtana Master Unit in Brazil found a touching way to share Yama and Niyama with the children. …

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  • Identity and Masks at Casa Ilori, Costa Rica

    Identity and Masks at Casa Ilori, Costa Rica By the ILORI World Team Circle of Love In Casa ILORI, the space where children can explore who they are and how they relate to each other and their environment, is called “Circle of Love”. Using tools …

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  • ECE 25 Years Ago and Today

    ECE 25 Years Ago and Today Presentation given by MahaJyoti Glassman at the AMGK Global Conference in Asheville, July 2015

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  • Ending Punishment in Our Schools

    Ending Punishment in Our Schools By Festus Tandoh teacher of Ananda Marga School, Lotus Children Center, Soko, Ghana As we all know, handling a child is not easy, let alone a group of children. It takes someone with a lot of love, care and affection …

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  • What Makes Children Happy

    What Makes Children Happy By Magda Zambet Educational Director, Gradinita Rasarit kindergarten in Bucharest, Romania What makes children happy? Who has that key? As parents or teachers, we would love to know the secret of children’s happiness. As adults we delight in sharing in a …

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  • Mindfulness, Children and Nature

    Building Nature Awareness Skills in Romania Workshops with Ruai Gregory The Neohumanist Education Association and AMURTEL Romania organized two workshops in Romania, September 21 -23, on Raising Nature Awareness in Children. The workshops looked at ways to nurture and reinforce children’s innate sense of wonder …

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  • Friendship: The Key to Overcoming Prejudices

    The last issue of Gurukula Network featured an article introducing the project “We all have a story”, which is developing a new methodology for addressing pro-diversity education in early childhood settings. The project is a partnership between AMURTEL/NHE Romania, sharing expertise in the inclusion of …

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