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  • Theater in Education

    Theater in Education Presented by Ole Brekke at the NHE Conference Caracas, Venezuela I am director of The Commedia School in Copenhagen Denmark, a two-year professional level theater school. I also teach classes in TIE (Theatre In Education) at teacher training institutions, universities and at …

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  • The Application of Neohumanism to the Layers of a School

    The Application of Neohumanism to the Layers of a School Workshop Presented by Eric Jacobson in Caracas, Venezuela In making a better world, it is easier to build correctly from the outset, rather than tear down and rebuild—hence proper education of our young is the …

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  • What is Neohumanism and What is Neohumanist Education

    What is Neohumanism, and What is Neohumanist Education? By Eric Jacobson Presented at the NHE Conference, Caracas, Venezuela What is Neohumanism? If you can imagine two ideas and respond to eight questions, then the answer will become obvious. Shall we try it? These two imaginations …

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  • Planting the Seeds of Neohumanist Education and the Evolution of Spirituality

    Planting the Seeds of Neohumanist Education and the Evolution of Spirituality By Didi Ananda Uttama All the processes of change, imagination, and learning ultimately depend on love. It isn’t just that without mothering humans would lack nurturance, warmth, and emotional security. They would also lack …

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  • Our-10-Core-Values

    The 10 Yoga Keys to Happiness Our 10 Core Values By Mahajyoti Glassman Morning Star Preschool, Denver, Colorado, USA   The Yamas guide the manner in which we step into the World.   Ahimsa ~ Kindness. No hurting. I am friendly. I wear my warm …

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  • The-Theatre-Arts-in-Learning

    The Play’s the Thing: The Theatre Arts in Learning by Jane Greis The first school play. I remember sitting in the audience as a parent when my own children were little and attending Sunshine preschool here in Switzerland. My older son, who was four at …

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  • Local Story Traditions in Schools

    Why is Embracing Local Story Traditions in Schools so Important? By Tang Taminga Children love stories. Globally there are some wonderful tales that provide lovely concepts and ideas. However, telling our children stories from the local culture should remain the main stay of the children’s …

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  • Applied Learning

    Gems of Neohumanism By Eric Jacobson In the process of applying the philosophy of Neohumanism to the education of a new generation, we discover that while the general public is likely unaware of the philosophy, certain facets of it are easily appreciated and strike a …

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  • Wisdom-of-the-Clown

    The Wisdom of the Clown Lessons in the language of the heart by Jane Greis At Sunshine we have a special affinity for the performing arts as truly holistic modality. Every year at this time we begin co-creating a theatre play to be performed in …

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  • Conflict-Resolution

    The following article about conflict resolution is taken from the curriculum of the NHE schools in Romania. It was just published in a Romanian journal about Mediation in schools, called “Social Economic Debates: Domains of research – education and educational policies, economic politics, social economy, …

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