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  • Economicdemocracy11

    Economic Democracy Conference

    Over 200 people attended the October 11-14 event, about half from the Madison Area and half from other parts of the country, including 35 Proutists (about 15 percent). Well-known keynote speakers included The Nation correspondent John Nichols, Gar Alperovitz on cooperatives, Ellen Brown on public banking, David Cobb of Move to Amend, and David Schweikart, author of another book called After Capitalism.

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  • Economic Democracy Conference – USA – October 2012

    As Noam Chomsky said, “You can’t have meaningful political democracy without functioning economic democracy. I think this is, at some level, understood by working people. It has to be brought to awareness and consciousness, but it’s just below the surface.” Economic Democracy stands for the …

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  • Prout

    What is PROUT?  

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  • Building a Solidarity Economy based on Ethics and Ecology

    Building a Solidarity Economy based on Ethics and Ecology 7-9 July 2011, Caracas, Venezuela   Economy, ecology, community health, indigenous rights, cooperatives, women’s rights, and spiritual wisdom were presented by nationally and internationally recognized authorities at the “Building a Solidarity Economy based on Ethics and …

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  • Can Prout Transform Universities?

    Can Prout Transform Universities? By Sohail Inayatullah A decade back, in a book titled, The University in Transformation, we – Jennifer Gidley, president of the world futures studies federation and myself – identified four drivers creating new futures of the university. These drivers were globalization, …

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  • Governance and Economy: On Occupy Wall Street and Future Options

    Governance and Economy: On Occupy Wall Street and Future Options by Ac. Dhanjoo N. Ghista This article is offered in support of the people occupying the financial districts in many cities, to voice their repressed unmet needs and their disillusionment with the corporatized capitalist democratic …

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  • Civilian Democratic Political-Economic System, for Liberated Countries and Countries with all systems of Government

    PROUT, Progressive Utilization Theory, is a socio-economic theory outlined by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar as an alternative global economic model based on his neohumanist philosophy. Many people have been voicing the need of promoting a new governance system for Egypt, based on Prout. This article …

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  • The Prout Research Institute of Venezuela

    The Prout Research Institute of Venezuela Sharing Prout with the World By Dada Maheshvarananda, Director and Mariah Brach, Director of Planning and Development New Course Offered At Prout Research Institute “Venezuelan Reality and Tools to Change the World” is an exciting new course that we …

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  • Prout College: Education for Liberation

    Prout College: Education for Liberation By Dr. Marcus Bussey, course instructor This is the second year that the course Education for Liberation has been run and students in both years have explored issues of general and specific relevance to their teaching. It has been interesting …

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  • Prout College

    Prout College Learning for Personal and Social Transformation Graduate Studies in Prout and Neohumanism Prout College provides online courses in Prout studies. Prout College is run by an academic cooperative. The cooperative includes the members of the academic faculty who are also responsible for designing …

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