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  • Sustainable Living Initiatives

    Sustainable Living Initiatives Florianopolis, Brazil – By Manfred Molz For the past three years, my wife Karla Scherer and I have been organizing, maintaining and gradually developing an informal consumers cooperative. Currently we use a room in the university, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), …

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  • Neohumanism, Comparative Economics and Education for a Global Society

    Neohumanism, Comparative Economics and Education for a Global Society By Ac. Vedaprajinananda Avt. This paper was presented at the NHE Futures Conference For the past few decades many voices have been saying that humanity is heading towards an era of globalization and even a global …

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  • In Other AMGK News

    In Other AMGK News Bio-Psychology Research Workshops were presented at the Boston Region and Atlanta Region fall retreats on Kun’d’alinii Experiences and Their Significance. Dr. Richard Maxwell presented some of the initial results from the 2007 meditation survey. He compared responses by members of Ananda …

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  • In other college news

    In other college news Prout College provides online courses in Prout studies. It is the first college in the world to provide such courses. Prout College is run by an academic cooperative. The cooperative includes the members of the academic faculty who are also responsible …

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  • PROUT’s Vision of Sustainability

    PROUT’s Vision of Sustainability By Ramesh Bjonnes Sustainability has become a household word today. Bureaucrats in the World Bank promote sustainable development in the third world. Organic farmers describe their practices as sustainable agriculture. Socially responsible entrepreneurs proclaim that sustainable business will save the world. …

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