Neohumanist Economy and Future Vision

A Course in Salorno, Italy

Under that auspices of PROUT Academy of Italia (PAI), and under the leadership of Andreas Schivazappa, a study course on PROUT has been initiated. PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory) is an alternative socio-economic theory propounded by Shrii P.R,Sarkar. PAI is affiliated with Ananda Marga Gurukula.

From August 31st to September 4th, a special event was held and the following topics were reviewed and discussed

  • Neohumanism: vision for a social and mental growth
  • Neohumanism and the importance of the local committees of social, cultural and economic coordination.
  • The social cycle and the science of social dynamics.
  • Solutions to pseudo-culture and the various types of exploitation.
  • The concept of progress in neohumanist economy and proutist principles.

A seminar on September 5th featured questions and answers and practical solutions for the local reality. Discussions addressed how to activate and organize study circles, public conferences, creation of cooperatives and service projects, according to the motto “local expression with a universal spirit”.

The course was very interesting and inspiring and participants had the opportunity to ask questions and deepen their knowledge regarding many points. The use of various media (visual and audio) helped to better fix concepts.

The study circle is continuing with the intention of having more people prepared to educate others about Prout. This will include studying about the area’s unique situation (bilingual region where the German and the Italian cultures live together) to see how Prout principles could be locally applied.